Going Neutral on Miami Real Estate Investing

Well going back to the topic, we should keep in mind that there are emotions associated with color our senses are heightened and we react to certain hues and certain feelings come out with certain colors. That also applies on analyzing real estate. Unfortunately, we cannot generalize that red will make you angry, blue will sooth you and yellow will make you indecisive. It is also known that the psychology of color is a lot more complicated than that and different colors affect different people in different and unpredictable ways. Basically the truth about it is that Miami real estate is something that people should really consider and analyze as well.

Judging on what the value of the colors about the real estate expression, you need to be at least knowledgeable about the analysis of it. I’m not going to go into details about the colors that were finally chosen, but the whole point of this is that as a Miami real estate seller, you have the ability to control certain aspects of how people will feel when they walk into your home. There are actually some important analyses on it because most of the time the general thought on it is that Miami real estate value everything that can be related to the market. Although going at it with a general knowledge can always give you the basic steps on it.

Other known things about real estate can always be known about progress in it. Keeping colors in the off-whites and light beige color scheme is not only the best way to feature elements within a property, but the best way for people to be unbiased when viewing your Miami real estate. When you are competing against so many other properties for sale, wouldn’t it make sense for you to try to make that first visit as pleasant as possible, without instilling feelings that are out of your control? That’s the reason for neutral in the Miami real estate.

Marketing Luxury Real Estate: Express Yourself

You have certainly heard the expression, “beauty is in the eye of the beholder”. As a luxury real estate marketing professional it is important to tune into the tastes and preferences of your client when selecting properties to show them, properties that they may like. Some homes may not appeal to you personally from an aesthetic standpoint. And, that is why you need to put aside your own standards to be of maximum help to your clients.

However, when it comes to personal branding, that is the time to get personal and express yourself. Your personal brand, from an aesthetic perspective must reflect your own tastes, your core values and your own personality. Yet, you must take into consideration your target market. That is, who you intend to attract as ideal clients.

Who are your ideal clients? As it turns out, when you really think about it, your ideal clients are people who share your values. For example, if you value a lighthearted sense of humor, your ideal clients would definitely not be curmudgeon s, killjoys or wet blankets.

In our strategic branding consulting practice our job is to help luxury real estate agents and companies dial into their unique DNA (different, not alike) and also dial into their target market. Then, we find a brand signal that can be expressed as a fusion of the two.

Too many luxury real estate marketing professionals are so busy trying to please others that they disregard their own very important personal perspective. As a result they attract clients who are less than ideal. Others go to the opposite extreme and disregard their target market altogether. For example, their chosen brand identity is too formal for a relaxed vacation destination where second home buyers want to leave the formality of the city behind them.

What is amazing about this process of personal branding is that there is always a way to articulate your personal brand signal so that is harmonious with your target market without compromising your DNA or your integrity. The key is to express yourself fully and have fun in the process. Your ideal clients will have a much easier time finding you that way.

Real Estate Leads 101- Dealing With Angry Leads

I think it’s safe to say that the majority of agents out there have been on the receiving end of an angry rant from their real estate leads. There you are, just trying to do your job, follow up and see what you can help them with and they just go off. Maybe you caught them at a bad time. Maybe they’ve been harassed in the past by another agent. Maybe they’re just grumpy all the time. There’s a hundred reasons why your real estate leads might yell at you and it never feels good to be on the receiving end of an outburst.

But just because some real estate leads may initially yell at you doesn’t mean you can’t still convert them to clients in the future. If an angry outburst or tirade from your real estate leads is enough to scare you off, you might not have a thick enough skin to deal with being a real estate agent. Don’t run for the hills in the face of an outburst, face it dead on and learn how to defuse an angry real estate lead so that you can nurture them into a client.

If you’re contacting your real estate leads very early in the morning or rather late at night and they cop an attitude, maybe that was your first mistake. It’s tough to get a hold of some people, but that doesn’t necessarily mean you should be at them first thing in the morning or last thing at night. This inconvenient contact may be what’s throwing your real estate leads into a funk in the first place. Vary the times you’re trying to contact leads, always have a reason for contacting them and be as polite and aggressive as possible. I know, it sounds like an oxymoron, being polite and aggressive, but when it comes to converting real estate leads, you need just the right amount of persistence and politeness to make an impression.

If you’re face to face with real estate leads, or a client for that matter, and they start going off at the mouth about how much you suck, a list of reasons WHY you suck and just how badly your whole demeanor sucks, it’s time to take a deep breath. You want to deal with this angry outburst from your real estate leads in a non-angry way. That means listening first. Let them rant, let them rave and keep a neutral expression on your face.

When the tirade is over and it’s your time to talk, keep your voice as calm and level as possible. If you attack as your real estate leads just did, the situation’s liable to turn into one big shouting match. Respond with feedback to what you heard and address their issues directly. Don’t immediately blow off everything they say, instead make empathetic statements such as “Just to be sure I understand, you’re saying that you feel….” Use your real estate leads’ name to catch their attention and hopefully calm them down.

When your client is at the height of anger, you don’t want to make them seem totally in the wrong and yet you probably don’t want to put them totally in the right either. Instead, say things like “I’d probably feel the same way in that situation” or “I understand how you feel.” Never sound patronizing or bored and be very careful about your facial expressions. You can think your real estate leads are the biggest jerks in the world at the moment, but it should never show in your expression or demeanor.

Stay away from statements that might aggravate a person’s anger, such as “You’re being unreasonable,” “Calm down,” or “Just let me talk.” The important thing is not to take anything your real estate leads say personally. You never know what’s going on in their life to have gotten them to such a level of anger. It could be that they have no desire to see a real estate agent or it could also be that they just had a huge fight with their kids and need some recovery time.